From 1953 Tavernaro was active as an independent painter, having previously been known as a published poet.
1955– First collective exhibition in the Basel National Gallery (Christmas Exhibition).
1957– First purchases by the Basel Arts Council.
First solo exhibition (at the time he is still in his Realism period) – Gallery Riehentor (Mrs. Trudl Bruckner).
1958– Detaches himself from Realism.
1960– He had a grand solo exhibition at the Gallery Munsterburg, Basel. For a period of six years he was represented by this gallery.
1961– He was a representative of Swiss Art in Wien and Graz. He exhibited extensively in Germany.
1975– Solo exhibition.
1976– Gallery Suz. Egloff, Basel.
1978– First solo exhibition with publication at Ernest Schmidt, Gallery on Dorfplatz, Allschwil.
Since then he had at least two to three major exhibitions every year.
He was represented in Zurich and Geneva (Gallery Actuel).
During his career Tavernaro enjoyed a vast private clientele, with collectors buying his pieces from France to Germany, Yugoslavia, Hungary and Australia.
Large works were commissioned and purchased during his career by Swiss organisations championing local, influential artists; amongst others: Arts Council, Basel; Hoffmann-La Roche, Basel; Pax Insurance; Bank of Switzerland in Basel and other major branches.
In the latter stage of his carrier he was represented by Basel-based gallery ‘Daniel Blaise Thorens Fine Art Gallery AG’.
Tavernaro also hosted for six months a weekly art programme on Swiss Television devoted to his work (late ‘60s – early ‘70s).
1989– Tavernaro died in Basel aged 80.